Tekwaro Lango Leader appreciate parliament for Passing Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The 11th Parliament of Uganda passed the anti-homosexuality bill 2023, which now awaits Presidents Yoweri Museveni’s assent.

The Lango Paramount Chief,Eng.Dr.Moses Micheal Odongo Okune congratulated Parliament upon the successful passage of the bill, describing it as a noble contribution to protecting, and promoting the right cultural values and morals of not only the African people but the entire world.

“As Tekwaro Leaders, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the institution of Parliament, the government, the Speaker of Parliament, and Members of Parliament for deliberately passing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 successfully despite certain deviations by a section,” His Highness Dr. Okune said .

According to HH Eng. Dr. Okune, once the bill is passed into law, it will enhance and support cultural roles that nurture his subjects into protecting, promoting, and identifying with the right sexual orientation as propelled by the Lord.

The Paramount Chief  urged His Excellency the President not to hesitate in signing the bill into law, saying it will remain a strong tool in shaping attitudes toward morality within society.

Early thus month Tekwaro Lango unveiled its official position on homosexuality and lesbianism, defining homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”

The Paramount Chief, Dr Odongo Okune, in his statement appreciate lango Mps for reject such an abnormal lifestyle with the contempt it deserves.

Under the proposed law, anyone who engages in same-sex activity or who identifies as LGBTQ could face up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

By Arao Denis

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