Two headteachers and students arrested over examination malpractice.

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) and police yesterday arrested two head teachers and two students over examination mulpractice.

The UNEB spokesperson, Jenipher Kalule says that the board’s legal officer in liaison with Kawempe police station arrested the head teacher of Kawempe standard secondary school, Jana Luwumu school, and the two students who were allegedly involved in the impersonation case.

According to Kalule, a very bright senior three male student was hired to sit for the exams of a female senior four student, allegedly at the watch of the head teacher of the school. The boy was promised to be given Shs500,000 after the exams.

The spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Patrick Onyango yesterday confirmed the incident, saying the suspicion started on Monday when confusion arose after the two students used the same index number but with different names.

Onyango said that it is alleged that one student in the name Bagenda Emanuel aged 17 years on Monday while writing a mathematics paper in the morning used the index U1002/099 and at the same time, another student, Namuwonge Huda 19 years also used a similar number.

Bagenda is a senior three student of Jana Luwumu school in Makindye division while Namuwonge is a student of Kawempe comprehensive School.

All these were arrested as well as two head teachers of the two schools

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