Ugandans to travelling to Dubai must have at least 5.3m on their account

Effective October 6, Ugandans and Nigerians travelling to United Arab Emirates will be required to carry a certificate of good conduct and have at least Shs 5 million on their bank accounts.

The Observer newspaper was the first to break news of the directive

Sources show that the restrictions were occasioned by the “poor behaviour” exhibited by some of the Ugandans and Nigerians.

“They threaten security officers when they come to arrest them. Some are vulgar,” the source said.

The source said UAE authorities were alarmed at the high numbers of female Ugandans and Nigerians who had turned to prostitution, which is illegal in the Arab country.

The move comes after UAE deported more than 600 Ugandans who were living their illegally after their work visas had expired.

Dubai, the business hub of UAE remains one of the leading tourist and business destinations for Ugandans.

The news will therefore come as a blow to thousands of Ugandans, especially tourists and business people, who had come to regard UAE as their second home.

Unlike the US or UK that impose stringent visa requirements, travelling to UAE has been hassle free for Ugandans.

The Observer quoted Ronnie Mukundane, the spokesperson of the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA), as saying the new rules applies only to visitors.

“The difference is that labor recruitment companies take Ugandans on employment visas. The blacklisted Ugandans and Nigerians are those who access UAE on a visit visa. If you say you are going for tourism, you must have some money to spend. UAE is deporting Ugandans who went on visit visas and over-stayed,” he said.

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