We are soon finishing ADF-Major General Olum

The joint operation codenamed ‘Operation Shujaa’ by the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have so far recovered 9500 rounds of ammunition from the ongoing operation against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) that begun on the 30th November 2021.

According to

Major Bilal Katamba
Public Information Officer Mountain Division/Operation Shujaa.

The Commander of the UPDF Mountain Division and Operation Shujaa, Major General Dick Olum said that the operation has degraded ADF’s capacity to cause was. “The ADF will soon get into the books of the past. We have reduced their capacity to cause war, we have depleted their man power, their weaponry and their morale is at the lowest.”

Maj Gen Olum made the remarks yesterday while displaying a catchment of the weaponary and equipment captured from the ADd at the UPDF Mountain Division Headquarters, Muhooti Barracks Fort Portal.

In addition to the ammunition, 548 ADF terrorists have been put out of action (POA), 50 have been captured alive, while 31 have surrendered to the joint forces after intense pressure.

The weapons recoverd from the enemy are 151 including 142 submachine guns (SMG), 08 pieces of PMK Machine gun and 01 piece of 60 millimeters mortar. Also recoverd are 111 military radios from the ADF, 45 radio charger ports and 10 batteries.

The joint forces have so far rescued 156 persons including women and children. The children, most of whom were in bad health conditions are currently recieving medical care from the various health facilities of the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces.

According to the overall UPDF Commander of Operation Shujaa, Major General Dick Olum, the figures above do not include weapons and equipment under the FARDC. “The figures are only inclusive of what we have recorded and we have in our custody as UPDF. FARDC has weapons and equipment captured from ADF and are in DRC, so the figures could be double what we have just given you.” said Maj Gen Olum.

Maj Gen Olum added that “For those ADF put out of action, we only count the dead bodies. those we fight with and ran in the wild and die from there are excluded. Therafore, each figure could be double what we have as UPDF.”

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