We need federal system. Buganda Caucus reminds president Museveni

The Buganda Parliamentary Caucus has reminded President Museveni to fulfill his promise of granting Buganda a federal system of governance.

Addressing journalists at Parliament, the chairperson of the caucus who is also Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivumbi says Museveni should feel ashamed and disrespectful to Kabaka of Buganda who helped him to gain support in Buganda during the 1980 NRA gorilla bush that left 1000’s of people in Luwero killed and livestock eaten.

The Buganda Parliamentary caucus while delivering their message for Kabaka’s 30th coronation due this Saturday, said that it’s unfortunate that most of the challenges that are affecting Ugandans are in Buganda citing the land grabbing, Human Rights Abuses, high poverty levels, environmental effects, and others.

The caucus is also concerned about the unfair distribution of resources especially revenues yet most of the tax collections are from the Buganda region.

By Namagembe Joweria

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