What is wrong with Lukwago meeting Gen Salim Saleh? MP Muhammad Nsereko asks.

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has said there is nothing evil about Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago meeting with Gen Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh.

Nsereko explained that failure to meet Gen Saleh is giving him an upper hand to do whatever he wants, adding that this also shows that one is very weak and speaking from an inferior point of view.

“What is wrong with Gen (Salim) Saleh and Hon (Erias) Luwago meeting even if it was secretly? What is wrong? There is nothing wrong as long as Lukwago stands by his values. Assuming Lukwago is the one trying to woo Saleh onto this side. Why can’t you look at that side of the coin?” he asked.

Nsereko stated blackmail being spread against Lukwago is raising a lot of eyebrows because of the bubble game politics, adding that Ugandan politics is full of rumours.

He insisted that there is nothing wrong with Lukwago meeting president Museveni and other leaders whom he doesn’t agree with as long as it is about discussing issues affecting the people of Kampala.

He adds on that he has on several occasions seen a number of people ranging from religious, and cultural leaders among others meeting Gen Salim Saleh and nothing happened, adding this kind of hypocrisy must be as soon as possible.

Lukwago refuted claims that he has been working with Gen Salim Saleh, insisting that he has never met or had any handshake with him or those related to him.

He said that he needed to hear from General Saleh verbally.” The issue you are talking about, I haven’t heard him saying anything about it,” he said.

Lukwago stressed that the city has been captured by certain ‘cartels’ whose donkey work is being done by Kampala Minister Kabuye Kyofatogabye whom he also accuses of being a spokesperson for Gen Salim Saleh.


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