A 61 year old peasant beaten to death by mob after his son allegedly stole fresh maize.

A 61 year old peasant farmer was beaten to death by a mob in lira district after his son allegedly stole fresh maize from a neighbor garden.

  Patrick otike a resident of omol cell, Banya A ward, in Amach town council was lynched after he went to rescue his son who was reportedly caught red handed harvesting maize from Jimmy Owiny garden. 

 Upon receiving the News that their son was being beaten Otike and his wife Betty Apio went for a rescue mission but unfortunately he ended up being the target local reports suggested. 

   North Kyoga regional police spoke person Jimmy Patrick Okema told our news desk 

that Otike sustained deep cuts on his head which made him bleed a lot following the mob action .

 Okema added that, the deceased he was rushed to a clinic at Amach training center before being referred to Lira Regional Referral hospital for further treatment where he was pronounced dead. 

 According to Okema, said the scene visited and statements recorded from the relevant witnesses where so far police have arrested 9 suspect to help investigation. 

lastly he said In there data report from lango sub regions police incidents that between January to April this year 16 people lost their lives by the mob actions.

By Arao Denis

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