A fuel truck on fire along Kamdini-Gulu highway.

North Kyoga fire brigade and rescue services are investigating circumstances under which a fuel tanker over turned and caught fire in the middle of the road on the 30th June 2023 at around 9:25 hours in the morning.

This follows a report made by ODWAR GEOFFREY 48 yrs old chairman LC II Amwa parish, Mwenye Sub-County in Oyam District, who reported that there was a fuel truck vehicle burning at Amwa headquarters along Kamdini-Gulu highway.

SP Patrick Jimmy Okema confirmed the incident and said a team of police officers led by the OC Station Kamdini immediately rushed to the scene and informed CPS Oyam District who also rushed later after informing both FIRE BRIGADE NORTH KYOGA AND ASWA REGIONS. Both fire brigade units responded and put off fire.

The truck caught fire after an accident.
The driver and conductor (occupants) ran out of the truck after an accident while the truck had caught fire and they were taken by un known vehicle to yet to be identified destination.

The fuel truck number plates were burnt beyond recognition and is suspected to be of South Sudan number plate which is made of aluminium.
Inquiries are still on going to establish the cause of the accident that led to the truck turning into flames and also finding out the right number plates of fuel truck and whereabout of its occupants.

By Arao Denis

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