Apac anaesthetist officer arrested for extortion money from a patient

Apac central police station arrested Sabina Acen from Apac main hospital for allegation on illegal charge of a patient for operation labour.

   According to the report it’s alleged that Acen demanded 200k from the parents for a child aged 1yrs old who was suffering from hernia, wasn’t due for surgical operation and she was claiming the money would be given to the surgeon and with out money the child would not be operated.

     After, the parents child later was sent away from the health facility to go and look for Money and instead moved direct to RDC office And reported the matter.

    Following that report, RDC detectives were organized people who disguised them selves as brother to the patient and handed over the money, then after receiving she was immediately arrested.

     RDC Said this is not the first allegation of extortion money against government health workers at Apac general hospital.

By Arao Denis

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