Apac District received 116 Bicycle as Museveni Pledge.

Today 22.09 2022
Northern uganda

A total of 116 local council one chairpersons and two chairpersons in Apac asked yesterday received their Yellow bicycles as pledge from president Yoweri Museveni during the general election of 2021. 

During the hand over for  the Bicycles heal at Municipality head quarters yesterday, The Residents district commissioner for Apac Abdul George who present the president at the ceremony, Urged the beneficiaries to follow their roles prescribed by the law to assist in the Maintenance of law , Order and security. 

  He added that,This bicycle should be further put in Massively Mobilisation of the community towards the government programme like the issue for wetland, Encroachment, but they should not emulate practice that preserve the environment. 

   Among the people who were there during the distribution of the bicycle to the Lc1s and 2 are Town clerk both politician and technical team to witness the exercise among other stakeholder. 

   Lastly, RDC warn the LCs on the matter of sealing out the government property, in term  to get money for drinking that this must, stopped so that those who gained them with votes should at knowledge in there services.
by Denis Orao

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