MP Alum Santa delivered two new Ambulance for the people of Oyam District.

Today 22. 09. 2022 Northern uganda

   Woman MP for Oyam District hon Santa Alum Ogwang asked delivered a two new Ambulance to the people of Oyam district local government during the hand over that took place yesterday at the District head quateres. 

 Speaking at the hand over ceremony, MP Alum said, she used her monthly salary to buying with those Ambulance at the cost of 320 million, after many people have been die as a result of lack of transport which was the biggest challenge with the district. 

  She also added that. as a leader u must show a good leadership for the community who elected you. inoder for you to achieved your gold. MP Alum who won't 2021 Election with 99. 000 vote under Uganda people congress UPC, promised to work with all the community of Oyam district . 

   Meanwhile at the hand over, Benson Dila Oyuku the lc5 for Oyam district welcome the development and said, District was having a challenge of Ambulance to transporting  the patients to other health facilities, as both Oyam south and North they were having only 2 Ambulance  that were put in services. 

   According to him, He said out of those two Ambulance one will under the control of the district, as the MP asked handed over all the equipment like lock book and other  to the district , Where it' will be the work of district to paid the driver's and giving services to the Ambulance. 

 On the other hand, the RDC for Oyam told community to not elected any politican who can be able to work for his voters.  ,And said  politican brought services for the period of 5 yrs, should not again come back to the community and ask for vote

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