Court remands 17 year old girl who buried child alive in Otuke.

Otuke grade one magistrates’ court has remanded a 17 year old girl, of who is accused of burying her new born baby boy alive.

Sarah Aol, a resident of Atyenlyec in Alir parish, Ogwete Sub County gave birth to a baby boy last week unfortunately she after burying her newly born child alive with the help of her mother Scovia Acen.

Later on, some children who were playing heard a wailing sound of a child and informed locals who went to rescue it, but unfortunately it was found dead.

There after Sarah Aol and her mother Acen sociva were arrested and detained at Ogwete police station for more investigation.

Speaking with our new desk the District Police Commander,for otuke, Sabila Sadak said Aol appeared before Otuke grade one magistrate, Martha Taremwa yesterday and she was charged with murder, contrary to sections 188 and 189 of the penal code Act.

Sabila said Aol was remanded to Gulu remand home in Gulu city since there is no remand home in Lango.

Sabila adds that Aol’s mother, Scovia Acen was released since it was proved that she had very little influence in the matter.

By Arao Denis

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