Kato Lubwama inspired many into politics-LOP

The Leader of Opposition says that the late Kato Lubwama’s ascendancy to Parliament motivated so many people in interesting themselves in to politics.

“I hope so many people who were never interested in parliament and politics got interested. If tomorrow or today we have more people in parliament from his field, it is because Kato Lubwama motivated them and we shall immensely miss him, the field of art will miss him immensely, he was very creative, imaginative, very humorous and a very warm and kind person,” said LOP Mathias Mpuuga.

He made the statement on Wednesday following the passing of the former Rubaga South Member of Parliament. Known for his career as a comedian, Kato Lubwama ventured into politics and was elected was in 2016 elected as an independent candidate defeating seven other contenders.

The Leader of Opposition said that Lubwama’s coming to parliament took everyone by surprise because he was never known to be a person very keen in those spaces, since he was more known in the area of music, dance and drama.

“He was an acerbic playwright, a composer and a stage master at that. Personally, he was a very close friend…I knew him in my early years as a young man in the service of the King and the Kingdom…so I knew him from his service on CBS radio and he was one person who attracted me to go to theater to watch his plays,” Hon. Mpuuga added.

He also said that the late Lubwama added color to the Tenth Parliament by his larger than life presence, describing him as a free spirited and no holds barred person who would criticize anyone, everyone, anywhere wherever.

By Mukasa Fred Kiku

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