Minister Namuganza advocates for diversity in leadership

Minister of State for Lands Hon. Persis Namuganza has applauded Ugandans and leaders the need for promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect for diversity. She highlighted the need for leaders to set a positive example in promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all members of society.

Hon Namuganza was meeting with the District Kadhi of Wakiso,Sheik Erias Kigozi, at her office in Kampala city to discuss matters of development and of national importance,Namuganza’s attendance at the event for the inauguration of the district of wakiso sheik Elias Kigozi scheduled for 22nd July 2023 is highly anticipated.

The meeting between Kigozi and Namuganza was an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss issues affecting their respective constituencies. Kigozi highlighted the need for increased collaboration between religious and political leaders in tackling issues such as poverty, discrimination, and violence.

Sheik Kigozi has pledged to strengthen the ties and cooperation between wakiso and other leaders at all levels for the betterment of his people of wakiso.

The upcoming inauguration of Kigozi is an important event for the Wakiso district, and the presence of Namuganza is seen as a positive development. Her activism against political bullying and harassment has earned her respect and admiration from many in the community.

Namuganza’s attendance at the event is a reminder of the importance of leaders working together to promote a more peaceful and inclusive society. The collaboration between Kigozi and Namuganza highlights the need for religious and political leaders to work hand in hand towards common goals.

The meeting between Kigozi and Namuganza is also a testament to the power of dialogue and collaboration in addressing complex social issues. By working together, leaders can pool their resources and expertise to achieve positive change for their communities.

Bya Tenywa Ismail

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