The completion of the Kabaale International airport in Hoima has been pushed to December 2023.

The airport, which will handle oil related cargo, was supposed to be completed in February 2023 and handed over to government is to be completed later than the proposed date due to lack of funds to complete the control tower and other operations.

Michael Mugerwa a chemical engineer at UNOC told the MPs who were on the tour of the sub region that the extension in the date of hand over is not linked to international pressure over the construction of the oil pipeline.

According to SBC limited the company contracted to construct Hoima International Airport, the works are at 82% completion.

“We shall do all it takes to execute this task, however the date that has been highlighted is not linked to the international pressure”, Mugerwa said.

While MPs asked government to ensure that funds are provided to avoid such delays,the parliamentary trade committee that has visited the airport for its oversight role, was left with so many unanswered questions which they task the executive to answer.

by Mumbejja Freda

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