Police crack down on errant riders, at least 1000 boda bodas seized.

Kampala metropolitan police have impounded at least 1,722 motorcycles following the launch of operation against errant boda boda riders in the city and its suburbs.

According to police, the operations which commenced on Monday November 7. left many motorcycles impounded and parked at different police stations in Kampala city and Wakiso district.

The commander of Kampala metropolitan traffic police, Rogers Nsereko said that the operation is aimed at reducing the number of road accidents accelerated by indiscipline boda boda riders.

Recently, police reported that at least four out of five people die everyday from boda boda accidents in Kampala city.

The commander said they are not only targeting boda boda riders but all motorcycle riders without riding permits, helmets, reflective jackets and motorcycles in dangerous mechanical conditions.

“We have taken this action because even if you inform the riders and give them a specified period of time to get all the requirements, we still get big numbers that have not abide by the instructions and still come on the road,” Nsereko pointed out.

However, some riders who spoke to this website expressed mixed reactions towards the operation as some welcomed the move while others still blamed the law enforcement body.

Meanwhile, Faridah Nampiima, the traffic police spokesperson revealed that this operation will run through the festive season in Kampala and upcountry.

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