Ssenfuka runs to court seeking to examine minister Sam Mayanja on grounds of mental disorder.

Concerned Ugandan and a herbalist David Ssenfuka runs to court seeking it’s intervation to compel Butabika hospital to examine the state Minister for lands Sam Mayanja on grounds of mental disorder following his acts while executing his mandate as a Minister.

In some of his affidavits the applicant is concerned that Sam Mayanja is likely diseased of a cognitive disorder, petitioned the respondent as a concerned person for the involuntary examination, admissions and treatment of Sam mayanja under the provisions of the mental health Act 2018.

He adds that the respondent is seized with the legal duty of act upon a tipoff by any concerned person to cause an involuntary examination of a person suspected of mental illness among others.

While speaking to the journalists immediately after the court under judge Easter Nambayo of the high court Civil Division at Twed Ssenfuka said that he tried several times to reach out to Butabika hospital management to do the needful but all in Vien and is the reason why he run to court to get justice.

However Judge Nambayo has told the lead counsel Joshua Buyinza to take the case to the registry such that they appoint another judge because she will not be able to handle their case.

By Ali Ssewanyana.

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