Stop imposing careers on your children-Tekwaro Lango Paramount Chief Okune

Tekwaro Lango Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) Eng Dr Michael Moses Odongo Okune has asked parents and guardians to stop imposing their careers on children calling it a big mistake.

The appeal comes as children across the country this week return to school for their second term studies after a one month break as set by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

A number of parents in Uganda always give directives to their children to study and become medical doctors, engineers, lawyers and bankers, among others because of the financial gains associated with the disciplines.

It’s not surprising that some students pursue certain courses just to please their parents but dump the certificates and begin another career of their interest shortly after graduation.

Okune admits that although the roles of parents include offering guidance, it’s counterproductive to make it compulsory or conditional to the children to pursue certain courses against their interests.

“…not all may go for university degree courses due to financial constraints, so any course like carpentry, welding and plumbing and others can make one earn a very good standard of living…”,he observed.

The acclaimed civil engineer cum traditional leader also urged management of schools to be considerate to parents by being flexible owing to the current economic hardship.

Most schools, especially the popular ones in cities, always set strict conditions for parents to pay full tuition fees before allowing children in, something that frustrates many parents at this critical moment.

“…we know these schools need funds to support the various activities like feeding, utilities and facilitation, but teachers are also parents who should have some mutual engagement with parents…”,Okune pleaded.

Addressing himself to the learners, Okune challenged them to be armed with discipline and good behavior by avoiding reckless indulgences that can undermine their life and future.

Cases of students getting involved in violent strikes burning schools over European Premier League games or discos and other trivial issues have in recent years caused a lot of concern among the stakeholders.

“…your parents have sacrificed their hard-earned cash to take you to schools not to go and fight over rivalry between fans and players of Arsenal or Manchester United football clubs but to study…”, he noted.

Conclusively, Okune also appealed to parents and school administrators to embed counseling desks with trained personnel/teachers to facilitate achievement, offer healing and improve student behavior.

By Arao Denis

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