Suspected Arson Incident at Little Muheji Nursery and Primary School- Police

The territorial Police at Nansana received a distress call on the evening of April 16, 2024, reporting a fire outbreak at Little Muheji Nursery and Primary School located in Nansana West 1B Zone. The incident occurred in the primary seven boys’ dormitory known as Tassels.

Fortunately, the school was guarded by police personnel , who promptly responded and successfully extinguished the fire. However, the blaze caused damage to property including mattresses, pillowcases, bed sheets, and other scholastic materials.

Preliminary investigations reveal that prior to the fire outbreak, an unidentified individual tampered with the electric wire supplying power to the dormitory and the camera control room. This act of sabotage facilitated the arson.

The arson attempt was thwarted by the vigilance of Didas Nuwamanya, who discovered the fire and alerted the police guards. Although the perpetrator(s) attempted to ignite the fire using matches, their efforts were unsuccessful in causing significant damage.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigyire Deputy Public Relations officer for Kampala Metropolitan no students were harmed during the incident. It is suspected that the culprit(s) may have had prior knowledge of the school’s layout and operations, possibly indicating involvement from within the school community.

Nansana Police Division has launched a thorough investigation into the matter, Canine units were deployed to the scene to aid in the investigation, but initial efforts were inconclusive.

In light of this incident, we recommended heightened security measures at the school, including increased personnel and surveillance. Additionally, interviews will be conducted with staff members and neighboring institutions to gather further information.

It is important to note that the school had previously received threats via social media, underscoring the significance of maintaining a vigilant stance against potential threats to educational institutions.

We urge anyone with relevant information regarding this incident to come forward and assist in our investigation.

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